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Generator Refueling Program

MUTI has recently upgraded our Generator Fueling Program for our clients based on the utilization of a new 2009 Peterbilt, 2500 gallon bulk fuel truck purchased by MUTI in August of 2008. This truck will allow us greater flexibility and control of the service provided to our customers. In addition to the new bulk truck purchased we have added (3) new 200 gallon light service tanks to our fleet to utilize with our Fuel on Request Program and during major outages. These tanks are placed in 4 wheel drive trucks and equipped with a 100’ fueling hose of which will gain us access to the most compact site in any weather and/or ground condition. MUTI may periodically select to utilize a pre-qualified Alliance Member to perform the Fuel on Request service based on geographical location of the site as this may be the most cost effective solution for the customer.

MUTI Fueling Programs:


  • Calls will be required to complete within 7 days of the call.
  • Pending location MUTI may elect to utilize an alliance member to reduce mobilization fees incurred by the customer.


  • Calls will be required to be completed within 4-6 hours of the call.
  • Pending location MUTI may elect to utilize an alliance member to reduce mobilization fees incurred by the customer.


  • Fueling of each generator is performed in early spring and late fall.


  • Calls will be required to complete at pre-set time and date.
  • Pending location MUTI may elect to utilize an alliance member to reduce mobilization fees incurred by the customer


  • Crews on call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Crews will be deployed to market within 2-4 hours of request.

MUTI feels that these programs eliminate the confusion of coordinating fueling of new sites, training new personnel with multiple contacts for each region, setting up payment to the corresponding vendors, and ensuring each vendor receives payment within the set terms.

Operational Requirements


  • MUTI will follow and abide by all Federal, State, and Local regulations.
  • Low Sulfur Fuel Certificates.
  • MUTI will provide contact information  for 24 hour, 7 day a week service.
  • Fuel will be blended for winter temperatures starting in August and ending in April of each year unless otherwise specified.
  • MUTI to provide the customer with a summary  report indicating the date fueled, generator hours, and gallons  fueled for the entire year. (This report can be provided at any time throughout the year.)
  • All drivers are fingerprinted and background check performed.
  • CDL Class A License with a Hazardous/Tanker Materials Endorsement.
  • Hazardous Materials Training.
  • Spill-kits provided on each truck.
  • National Response Center and ChemTrec Numbers.
  • USDOT Certified
  • Flammable / Combustible on Bulk Trucks – Placard on all four sides.
  • Shipping Paperwork
  • Security Training (www.phmsa.dot.gov)

Current Equipment

Currently equipment listed below is staged throughout all four office locations Champaign, Lee’s Summit, St. Charles, and O'Fallon.

  • (1) 2009 Peterbilt, 2500 Gallon Bulk Fuel Truck
  • (8) 4 Wheel Drive, 200 Gallon Service Trucks

Refueling Truck

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